What is S1000D?

Specification 1000D (S1000D) is an international specification targeting technical data, which is used to produce technical publications for anything, including personal, commercial, and military use.

What is a technical publication?

Technical publications (aka 'tech pubs') are typically developed for the maintenance and operation of a product (e.g., TV, airplane, rifle).

How affordable is S1000D?

The specification (including its Schemas and examples) is free of charge.

How long has it been around?

S1000D first began in the 1980s and targeted civil aviation. It has since expanded its target audience and use.

What does S1000D replace?

S1000D replaces any current authoring requirements used to create a technical publication. For example, each of the US military services has their own set of standards to follow when developing a publication to field new equipment.

S1000D provides the XML Schemas and basic requirements necessary to start a project. But, because S1000D is a tailored specification, it allows for specific business rules (aka requirements) to be determined by each project.

How does the specification allow tailoring?

A project can be viewed upon at different levels. For example, in the US military, security classification restrictions are a shared requirement between the services. These requirements already exist as specified by the Department of Defense (DOD). Therefore, the existing DOD security classification requirements can be carried over into S1000D as business rules.

This tailoring can be extended to each service and trickle down from there. So, by the time an Army program starts developing S1000D-compliant data, their requirements (aka business rules) include those from S1000D, DOD, Army, and then their program-specific requirements.

What are business rules?

Business rules are documented requirements. More than likely, these requirements already exist in some form or fashion, such as the security classification requirements previously noted. S1000D explicitly requires the documentation of requirements, which makes for better organization and consistency.

What is needed to start using S1000D?

In order to start using S1000D, obtain the current release of the specification and schemas, available from http://s1000d.org/.

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